new pictures

New tenants are moving into the house
Fine I was only borrowing that house

New pictures are being nailed upon the walls
Fine those are God’s walls
Those are borrowed nails

New lovers are tumbling under the sheets
Fine we were lovers once
We borrowed love
Those won’t be the last lovers under those sheets

New children are swaddled by our clothes
Fine my ghost was merely passing through those clothes

New songs will find their way to my throat
No one owns these songs
Nobody keeps this throat

Kiik A.K. is an MFA student at UCSD, working on a collection of counter-internment narratives, tentatively titled, “Everyday Colonialism.” His work has appeared in iOWashington SquareAlice Blue ReviewBarge Press and The Brooklyner. “new pictures” and “the jacket” are dedicated to Kane and Peggy Araki.