I. Can't Help But Audobon

every bird stuffed
pin and comb
expose underbelly and bullet holes
bird in hand
on canvas

bird in book
remembered wingbeats
on the ocean & the air 

II. Roseate Spoonbill

bird left to right
flowerish flap
every conqueror scraps Florida for parts

feathers should you want them
the color is blood but rose is more ready
spoon should you need a utensil

spoon to suspend swamp creature
give it gambol
make a fulcrum
where its face was blank & red-eyed

III. Cardinal

what is it about red
this far north
that carries over from the classics

speckles the snow
feathers ruffle
together in one room
red birds red robes white smoke
and familiar winds

nor'easter tears at rooftops
direction of cold and contrast 

Rachel Schramm is a 25-year-old poet living Los Angeles, where she is working on her MFA at Otis College of Art and Design. Her interests include tide pools, weather systems, and large, stately conifers.