the jacket

The moment I am looking at your hand
And your hand is transfigured by leaving
I am thinking probably you will die
Or I will die
That's always the most likely thing
That will happen
In this world
We get a life full of possibility
Possibility is another way to say
Nothing has happened
But death probably will happen very soon
It always was what was
Assured to happen
And today probably you will die
As your dying becomes just so inevitable
When you’re on route
To a different occasion
A wedding is another way of saying
They will surely die tomorrow
Only in a memory can you find
Death was not possible
Only in a memory do your keys
Move back toward your jacket pocket
And your jacket moves back toward me

Kiik A.K. is an MFA student at UCSD, working on a collection of counter-internment narratives, tentatively titled, “Everyday Colonialism.” His work has appeared in iOWashington SquareAlice Blue ReviewBarge Press and The Brooklyner. “new pictures” and “the jacket” are dedicated to Kane and Peggy Araki.