From This to That

No more telling, only showing,
like a rock that faces the sun,
one blazing profile
you wish you could hold,
the warmth of it,
the saddle on the faux horse
at the Autry Museum
the one the kids climb on;
this is the soccer
field my son inhabits
and the coach screaming,
the other coach
a parent volunteer who just
wants to play soccer
with very small opponents
so he can show off the way I must’ve
when I was a teenager,
the jumbo airliners on approach
over the soccer field
like big white flying bulls
heaving—and now
I’m thinking of my mother
the same scene in Buenos Aires,
sunlight coming through
a window, or is it night, maybe
it’s night, but she’s ironing
in a light dress
and I am trying to snatch
her stiffened arms. 

Alejandro Escudé’s first book of poems, My Earthbound Eye, was published in September 2013. He holds a master’s degree in creative writing from UC Davis and teaches English. Originally from Argentina, Alejandro lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two children. Find more at