If It Comes to That

“Every day you have less reason/not to give yourself away”—Wendell Berry


Each thing like something else:
           the body: vessel as metaphor,
                         its manifest of parts.

Eyes: blue reach of water.
            Your body chopping wood—a boastful ship.
                        Alert, you are a seagull tracking fish.

 The arc of a dolphin when you stretch.
            Swell of breath—what carries us through.
                        The pull of horizon.

Your scent: loam in a plowed field.
            Sorrow heavy as the stones of cairns.
                        Crooked path to the old forest.

What did you mean: this shattered hope?
            Do we fit in this landscape
                        In the deafening dusk do I fit in us?

Marc Frazier has published poetry in journals including
The Spoon River Poetry Review, ACM, Good Men Project, f(r)iction, The Gay and Lesbian Review, Slant, Permafrost, Plainsongs, and Poet Lore. He received an Illinois Arts Council Award for poetry. His books are available on Amazon. Marc’s website is www.marcfrazier.org.