Neutrino Elegy 1

after Rilke


Grant me meetings, soliloquies, pertinent
memories to keep my interests vibrant,
cool slender breezes
in between the logs of the log cabin,
warmth from oak burning in a soapstone stove,
difficult mountains, bread

O you
felled persona, who fought back the mighty
ego, who made money to go around,
who numbered the second person out of two,
an animal in the animal kingdom

O you little frog
So full of hop and un-hop and
the fervor of a new lover marooned in the swamp;
slathered in dense thickets

Is there more to the noises of the night than the sound?
Is there a high wall between sleep and peace?
The frog appears to be working hard on building it

Brennan Downey is a Wilderness Therapy Field Guide from Falls Church, Virginia who currently lives in Windsor, Vermont. His poems have been published in Clementine Unbound and Picaroon Poetry.

photo by Peter Davis

photo by Peter Davis