An Interview with Kate Duva, "Cheap Meat: A Bachelorette Expose"

What inspired this piece?

This essay is the first thing that I wrote after my daughter was born.  I remember revising it on the living room floor, surrounded by rattles and teething rings, while she entertained herself playing with her toes.  Months after the bachelorette party, I was still flabbergasted by my memories of it.  I'd say the story is 95% true - I switched up a few details, but I exaggerated very little.

Which writer or body of work influenced your craft?

I seem to remember that I was reading Cynthia Heimel's "Sex Tips for Girls" and David Sedaris's "When You Are Engulfed in Flames" while I was working on "Cheap Meat."  The most recent collection of personal essays that I devoured was Samatha Irby's "Meaty."  I am the world's slowest reader, and it invigorates me to hear true stories told aloud, so I attend and perform at as many live lit shows as I can.