An Interview with Sean Pravica, "Half Full"


What do you find appealing about the short story form?

I love characters in real life and in its simulacra. Short stories are driven by characters who are only peeked at but in turn offer much wider windows into their world relative to the limited written space given to them. Short stories that accomplish this exposure are deeply satisfying to read.

What inspired this piece?

One of my favorite themes is that childhood is not innocent and simple and that children are often misunderstood because of the assumption that it is. This story is about that assumption and the horribly misguided sentiment some parents have when they think that their suffering is theirs alone and that their children are immune to it as they play their games and dance away their days in blissful ignorance.

Who/what body of work has influenced your writing? 

Regarding an influential body of work, that would have to go to Richard Brautigan. His short stories fluctuate in their levels of probability but always feel equally realistic given the context each of them contains. Other writers who have had impact on me are Aimee Bender for her perfection of the magical realism genre and Dino Buzzati for writing “The Falling Girl,” which is my favorite short story.