An Interview with C.M. Chapman, "The Eighth Angel"

What do you find appealing about the short story form? 

I enjoy the conciseness of the form. I also enjoy how they get away from you.

What influenced this piece? 

This piece was created during my work at West Virginia Wesleyan College, as part of my MFA thesis, entitled, Suicidal Gods, which features eleven linked stories all set in Dogleg Bend, West Virginia. I don't know that I could cite a specific influence for it, short of saying that I was attempting to bring my own style of writing to Appalachian settings. This piece features several characters who reoccur in the collection multiple times. 

Which writer/body of work has informed your writing and/or inspired you?

I am influenced by everything I read. Lately, Italo Calvino has been an inspiration. John Gardner, Kurt Vonnegut, and many, many, many others make up the foundation.