An Interview with Angela Doll Carlson

What do you find most appealing about the flash form?

I think, perhaps, it was my short attention span that launched me into reading flash fiction, but it was the craft of it that kept me coming back: the precise nature of each word as it bumps up against the other words. I like that it knocks on the door of my inner poet, and invites that part of me into the fiction writing process. 

Do you believe in ghosts? We're wondering what inspired this story? 

I do believe in ghosts, in one form or another. Probably not as traditionally as most people think of it, though, but more like stray thoughts or left-over emotion that have become embedded into the solid world. When I was a kid we thought our house was haunted, and perhaps it was—things moved, sounds came, cold air filled spaces suddenly, but it may have been that we were not so terribly well-anchored at that time in our family. This is a kind of haunting, too. So, this was an inspiration, along with the reason for our family ghost, my dad’s PTSD from Viet Nam.