An Interview with Jennifer Fliss

The speculative aspect of this storya tiny woman appearing in a woman's terrariumis very intriguingboth sad and compelling. Where did this story come from?  

My husband says I should write a collection called "The Tiny Woman Diaries." I have a few stories of little women living in odd places. It wasn't intentional; the specific stories just came to me. I have a little terrarium (a few actually) and I look at it and see a microcosmic set/stage/world. The only thing missing are the people. 

Which writer/body of work has informed your writing and/or inspired you? 

I love Jonathan Lethem and Rebecca Makkai, both of whom inspire my story ideas and writing. I've been on a Helen Oyeyemi kick, working through the beautiful things she's written. I'll read any and all fiction Nicholas Christopher puts out there (if you're wondering, start with Veronica or A Trip to the Stars). There's a writer named Kendra Fortmeyer who is, I guess you'd say, "up and coming," and somehow I came across her fiction and fell in love. Her stories often are fantastical while being grounded in reality; I love that combination. When I read her stories I felt I had permission to get weird with my own stories—something I was already leaning towards. But when I write something really strange, I wonder, Really? Will people get this? Would they even like to read this?