An Interview with Mathew Serback

What do you find appealing about the short-short/flash story form? 

Flash fiction offers a bit of instant gratification, for both the reader and the writer. My shorts are meant to be bite-sized moments from a complicated life. These moments are intended to be consumed quickly while still offering up ideas that challenge and stay with the reader even after they have finished the piece. And the ultimate goal of writing is to connect with the reader; flash fiction is an easy avenue to do that. 

Interesting titlehow does it connect to the story? 

For me, I like how poetry uses titles to enhance how a piece is read. "Craigslist Ad" is supposed to offer up some duality and strangeness to the story. Unfortunately, I know people that were addicted to hard drugs, and one of the things I learned from them is that if you need drugs, but don't have money, you can surf sites like Craigslist to find people who are willing to give you drugs or money in exchange for sex. In that regard, the story presents the duality of man from India's story about offering sexual favors for drugs while also introducing the idea that the main character is facing a similar situation. The main character may not be trading sex for drugs/alcohol, but he's certainly living a less than ideal life that could lead him down a similar path ("It won't be the last time" is both in reference to the main character laughing at a tragic moment, but also the fact that there are more tragic moments to come).