An Interview with Steve Passey

Framing (broken) love stories through the structure of song and music is very engaging and feels very natural for this particular subject. How did it emerge for you in the drafting stage? 

The structure of three-minute songs—the chorus/verse x3 and then a fade-away coda—lent itself to drafting this story very naturally and it was an easy first draft. I probably wrote the first draft in under an hour. After that it was just editing. The raw material? Let's just say that it had been there a long time.

If you could assign a song title to any memorable relationship you've had, what would it be? 

"Still Waitin'" by Canadian Legends Big Sugar. As to what relationship? Ha! All of 'em! But in all seriousness if you want to to slow dance around the kitchen with your baby—or you just want to sit there with your dog and your beer thinking about what should have been—this is the song for you. Here's a video link. Twitter Handle is @CanadianCoyote1.

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