Hundred Year Flood

For Lauren


Before we agreed to stay
until one dies first

we walked on a crust of frozen snow
where the Teton River long ago
filled the lungs of cattle

where the river swallowed homes
built to raise children

We walked among limber pine

like migrants
bent across the blue dark plain

Each day now
further away

but the feeling persists

of being
recollected with you

by other lives
who always listen

They hear us walking

to the high water mark
and down

across the bottomlands at dusk

the cutbank sheer
a river running clear below

Gabriel Furshong writes from Missoula, Montana. His prose has appeared in High Country News, Earth Island Journal, In These Times, Hawai’i Pacific Review and other publications. His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in The Cossack Review, Cirque Journal, Dialogist, Common Ground Review and other journals.

Photo credit: Lauren Caldwell

Photo credit: Lauren Caldwell