Different Planets

once Arvo Pärt came to town
with Litany
his rumored depression while sequestered
manic glee on stage flinging flowers
as if
he knew nothing of despair
like a child
in a world oceans and continents away
with no word for
my granddaughter
a child
emails her Dear Santa spreadsheet
Item   Color   Size   Price   URL
I hit delete
no one comes bearing gifts
I go nowhere bearing gifts
what is given is not
wrapped and ready
my own otherworldly world
previously unknown in this locale
sub-zero temperatures

and I can’t get enough
in my mouth   can’t get enough
of my dog   the voice in my ear
the lesson   the litany
I am my own
ever-greenery and candle

Hannah Thomassen lives and writes in the forested foothills of Oregon’s Cascade mountains. Her work has appeared in Big BridgePresenceWindfallVerseweaversVoice Catcher, and two anthologies from Wising Up Press. In previous lives she was first a teacher, then an RN.  All her lifetimes have been instructive.