Seven Climaxes

beater     thousands
leap up     arms
bare, thrown
high     screaming
I tell you
they were screaming

I have to have
that jacket     it would make
even me think
I knew
what I was doing
at my job
in my life

this story just
escalated but see
it’s actually the climax
did you think
there was more?

from this hill the city
stretches out,
bends the eye’s perspective by
ramping up two other hills
due north, a bridge tower
rising at the back
like an ornament
in its hair

I helped
the airplane climb
willed it up
from the fiery earth
with my crossed fingers
and a fervent
engineer’s prayer

when we talk
about release
we are talking
about death
all this living
the buildup

after, we ate
an apple I split
with a knife
your two quarters
with the heart carved
out     mine just
the same

Amy Miller’s writing has appeared in journals ranging from RattleWillow Springs, and ZYZZYVA to Fine GardeningThe Poet’s Market, and Asimov’s Science Fiction. She has been a finalist for the Pablo Neruda Prize and the 49th Parallel Award and blogs at