Luxury Pets, Ms. Op-ed insists, 
are megalomaniacal, undeniably iffy re: morals,
not to mention the morale of the tiger itself—
corralling these beasts of the wild like Schnauzers—
Indecent to all but the childish bozos—
these Verucas and Violets, wanting, then getting!
while schmoes at the office are sitting there fretting
that daughters are not where they promised.
My GracieMy Thomas—this journalist dares
any Tamer to share how he or she sleeps
when our bitable dears now have a whole
nother set of haunches to fear.

Dayna Clemens lives and writes with her husband, Mark, in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. She has spent the last three years as a Validation Engineer, testing large automated machinery. Upcoming work will appear in Books and Culture and Dogpond.

Tiger” is Dayna’s first published poem.