woman celebrating

when the dog dies
sally dreams she’ll
buy him a whole
chicken. a latte

if eugene accepts
such a plan.

his face does not
give him away.
he idolizes


hunting, thanks
to the parts of

he can understand.
that, and his stepdad

the type of person
who looks at killing
as a way to pound
fosters pre-
not attempting

a statement about
the two of them
could move out
west, modern

bonnie & clyde

her art degree
must mean she

gets framing. sally
thinks so. if
she tells him,
the dog will die hungry. it’s

such a vivid vision
of skim half-caf.

David J. Kunkel received Boston College’s Arts Achievement Award for his poetry and fiction. He grew up in Richmond, Virginia, and currently lives in Wisconsin. His work is forthcoming in plain china.

"woman celebrating" is David’s first published poem.