dawn comes/ imposing its possibility

dawn comes
imposing its possibility    

and limits

the incongruities of hunt
and harvest

as we catch an offhand

of the hunter’s lined pelts
soft as her hands

/ forgive me

lifting above
the marshes,

a heron,
beyond the remedy
of words

through the burgeoning
indifference of
all things

/ like
  how you do not belong
to me/

dawn finds her field
          all about her hands

abundant with a profusion
of dogwood and wildflowers

xanthic and

and we find ourselves at the
mercy // of each other
to be seen

so belfry tolls bright this day
and its holy bleeding,

a broken siren calling
as faithful as the wind

—that I am yours,

Eleanor Gray lives in California with her partner and cat, Puck.

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