the mouth of a girl

(surviving thrushbeard)


Men, they make so much of names.
They name their scars, their battle cries.
They name every inch of themselves
into existence.

What of the girl, she thinks
who only has words that mean
nothing because they're in
the mouth of a girl.

It's so easy to name a girl.

            Name her the falling of hail
            name her ransom, name her
            the splitting of firs on the river bank.

            Name her the price of love.

Men only care about things that fall apart.

But what of the jellyfish existence
the shallow stain that sticks
where you are not. She clears

her papers, knows you cannot
unbreak a mended pot.

Milla van der Have (1975) is a Gemini. Her poems and short stories have been published in several literary magazines in the US and UK. She is the author of Ghosts of Old Virginny (2015, Aldrich Press), a chapbook about Virginia City, Nevada.

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