hey that's a fly sweater
with the flies tessellated
like fake planes
too fabric to fly

like that cardigan
it's grand
like a tiny smack on the
affirming that yes
you're making headway
though you left your
couture hoodie

in customs

you miss it now but
we won't miss it next week

say we fly to rio
for fashion week
as exiles from
temp work
worried about filing
nails and documents
but happy
to invest in
hemp work
foreign exchange
to twerk the high
temps of
neon discos
you say you dig
the aesthetics
and you're not wrong
my baby is vogue
and mad we missed
the mermaid parade

you look so fly
swatting flies
at a bus stop
in fortaleza
with your sweater
tied around waist
patient and buzzing
at the same goddamn time

I can hear your clear wings
from here

Zoë Bodzas studies creative writing, women's studies and linguistics as an undergrad student. She attends Hamilton College in central New York, where she wears a lot of sweaters and writes poetic e-mails. She is originally from New Jersey.