Hot Spots

Earth stretches and sighs,
            its past sliding and folding,
out of core, out of mantle
            into liquid heat.

Pahoehoe flows down
            river making tributaries,
more dark mountains,
            more lava benches.

In thixotropic glow
            the planet bleeds its secrets,
creates storylandscapes,
            suspends eras in obsidian.

These geotime mysteries tempt
            scientists to inquiry,
attempts at answers,
            basaltic rock decryption.

But while code-breakers contemplate
            patterns of information,
the fire underfoot transforms
            the world in one Hawaiian instant.

Catherine Fletcher is a poet and an editor for Rattapallax magazine. Fletcher’s work has appeared in journals including Poetry Wales, The Raconteur, and Mizna, and she has performed at venues at home and abroad. She is currently at work on her collection Daughter Cell. She lives in Jackson Heights, New York.