tuning fork

By Gabriela Natalia Valencia

     is the frequency   
                 the body makes              place
     your fingers    at   the nodes      to listen       
 maybe it is
              too much for a tiny            skeleton maybe the
   engineers are right    

               what i
  want to      know
            is how many     earthquakes        
                                          the earth has
            left until
      how much oxygen     in the
   i want to know     how         many    microstates
  the ocean has      felt    and if
             i   might empathize       with those   

       i   want   to run
                           my   fingers
     through the       knots     of    
                    your                              fingers

i         want        to      know
                              when       the       body
                                    where   do
                the     atoms     run

              when       they
     come                 crying     back

Gabriela Natalia Valencia is a part-time believer in magic and a full-time believer in light. She studies chemistry and writes poetry at Loyola University Chicago with hopes of entering medicine. You can find more of her work in BROAD and ENTROPY Magazine.