In the Night

All morning
boisterous flocks
of crows converge
on my neighbor's
yard. Is that
a red tarp
on the ground?
No, not a tarp,
but the bloody
carcass of a deer,
torn open,
partially eaten.

Those bone-
chilling howls
in the night–
the kill.
It must have
taken a
whole pack
to bring down
a deer.

I tell myself
not to get upset–
it's only coyotes
in the night,
not insurgents, or
invading armies
or secret police;
only wild animals
being eaten.
There's nothing
we can do.
We're not
in danger,
not here,
not yet.

But I can't stop
thinking about
that deer.

Lois Levinson is the author of the poetry chapbook, Crane Dance, published by Finishing Line Press. Her full-length book, Before It All Vanishes, is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press in February 2018. Bird's Thumb was the first journal to publish Lois' work.