We publish poetry, short stories, and essays from emerging writers.

Arresting language and strong story will always keep us reading.

We accept unsolicited work and publish regular issues in February, June, and October. 

We read year round.              

Response time is usually between 3 to 6 weeks for prose and little longer for poetry. Feel free to query the appropriate editor if you haven’t received a response after 6 weeks. We seek only unpublished work and accept simultaneous submissions. (Publication includes print or digital form, including personal webpages.) Please contact us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. Original works in English only; no translations, please. 

We accept submissions in multiple categories during a submission cycle (poetry, fiction or essays).

We are a non-paying market. 

If your work is accepted for publication, we will solicit a formal biography.  In the meantime, tell us about yourself.  We're curious people.

We do not accept email submissions. Submissions received within the body of an email or sent as an attachment to an email will be deleted unread.

We only accept submissions through our submission manager.

Please click the red "Submit Your Work" button below to be redirected to our submission manager.

Please click the "Submit Your Work" button to enter your manuscript in the 2017 Poetry Chapbook Contest. Manuscripts will be accepted from Feb. 9, 2017 through May 1, 2017.


Submit 3-5 poems. Single-spaced (except between stanzas). We are open to all styles with the exception of prose poems and especially appreciate voice, image, figure, and craft.  


Submit no more than 2 stories per submission cyle. Length is 1000-5000 words, double-spaced, 12 point font.  We are open to all styles, themes, and subjects with the following exception: no genre fiction, please.  We love stories--familiar and new--with compelling characters, strong movement, and perhaps an unlikely point of view.


Submit no more than 2 essays per submission cycle. Length is 2000-5000 words, double spaced, 12 point font. We are open to all styles, themes, and subjects with the following exception: no religious or spiritual awakenings, please. We seek essays that entertain while constructing new vistas for our readers.

Copyright Notice

If we accept your work for publication, you agree to grant Bird's Thumb first electronic rights and the non-exclusive right to include your work in our archives.  We also ask that you credit Bird's Thumb with first publication of your work. Upon publication, rights revert to the author.

The creative work we publish is the intellectual property of the individual authors. If you use or repost all or substantially all of another author's work on your website without getting that author's permission, even if you have given that author credit, you may have violated her copyright. Please don't do that.  

You do not need our permission to include a link to Bird's Thumb on your website or to direct others to our journal through social media. In fact, we encourage the practice.