A Birthday Feeling

            Though the sky cries today, I have fallen
in love with every person in New York.
Subtly elegant lonely girl in a sock hat
I want to find out where you live
and stage an evening life vigil.
I buy myself a cake and bring it
to my co-workers on my own birthday.
I leave unreasonably generous tips.
To the old woman I release my subway seat.
Later to the middle-aged woman, the same.
            Lazily I hold the pole and listen
to a businessman's teen girl pop songs
and I am happy for him.
I hear that Kyle is finding himself
and in what better a city?
Somehow we survived another America year
and that is cause for a citywide holiday.
            The postman lost my package
but there's no sense fussing over such things.
In my dream Nathan opened a McClain
Institute of Poetry which I advocate
Subtly elegant lovely girl in a sock hat
I set down my falafel for you
so I can appear at my best.
I want to find out where you live
but if I don't then I will be just fine.
There's no sense fussing on a day like this.


AJ Urquidi hails from Monterey, California. He received his BA in Creative Writing and Film from UCLA, then studied guerrilla poetry for two years in the NYC streets. AJ's poems have appeared repeatedly in Westwindautolycus, and CIRCLE Poetry Journal. He is currently earning his MFA from CSU Long Beach.